• Answering Comments About Your Large Family With a Touch of Wit & Grace
  • 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Cut Out to Have a Large Family (And Why I Have One Anyway)
  • How My Heart Changed Towards Birth Control, Babies, and Family Size
  • Why My Hands Are Full But My Heart Is Open To More Children
  • A Heart Open for Increase

Answering Comments About Your Large Family With a Touch of Wit & Grace

It sometimes happens with three children. It often happens when four are there.

But when you’re out in public with five or more children, you know to just expect it.

Someone will make a comment about your family size, but there’s no telling if the comment will come with a happy smile, a look of shock, or maybe even a touch of snark.

Answering Comments About Your Large Family with a Touch of Wit and Grace

Sometimes when a stranger says something about the number of children I have with me, they are genuinely trying to be friendly and are truly just surprised to see five little ones in tow.

Other times the comment or question makes me uncomfortable, and I’m not exactly sure what to say. These things are typically said in front of my children, and it can be really shocking to think what a person I’ve never met before will say about my family size right in front of those dear family members!

I’ve wondered many times how to respond to these questions. A good friend who is the blessed mom of ten children once told me that she tries to keep in mind that these people have probably never seen a big family, and our responses can help them see the positive side to it. I thought that was so wise and have taken it to heart.

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A Heart Open for Increase

A Heart Open for Increase

There’s a question that my husband and I get pretty regularly when people see our family size. It typically comes in two forms. “Do you think you’ll have any more?” OR “So are you guys done now?” As personal as the question is in reality, I can also understand why it’s asked. Five children is…

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Being right, being wrong, being loving 2

Being Right, Being Wrong, Being Loving in Conflict

Conflict. When it happens, are you prone to think like I do sometimes? I feel hurt. I feel embarrassed. I was wronged. I didn’t deserve that. I wouldn’t have acted that way. Sounds like a lot of I statements, doesn’t it? It’s natural to think of our own thoughts and feelings during conflict, and we…

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All About Dandelion

All About Dandelion: The Herb of the Month for May 2015

Dandelions are certainly not mysterious herbs. They are everywhere, and even a very young child can spot them with their cheery yellow flowers or fluffy white puffballs. Common as they are though, dandelions can be an excellent addition to the herbal medicine chest and even in the kitchen! What may be a pesky lawn weed to…

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My Shepherd Leads Me, May's Free Printable Set 2

My Shepherd Leads Me: May’s Free Printable Set

It’s the start of a new month, and that means a new printable set is here! With this set, it’s all about seeing the Lord as our great shepherd, and us as His faithful, following sheep. My husband has actually been preaching on the shepherd and the sheep recently. My children are working to memorize Psalm…

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