Can Late to Bed & Late to Rise Work for a Homeschool Mom?

My guess is that I’m not the only homeschool mom who has this image of perfection in her mind.

It involves being up at least two hours before the children get up. This ideal homeschool mom has her own personal, uninterrupted quiet time, exercises 30-60 minutes, showers, and gets nicely dressed for the day.

Can late to bed & late to rise work for the homeschool mom

When her children greet her, she looks lovely and already has (a nutritious, home cooked breakfast) breakfast ready and waiting for her darlings.

Her day has started out well, no doubt carrying over to the rest of her peaceful, well-planned day.

Would you lose all respect if I told you that I’m not that image of homeschool mother perfection? Because friends, try as I might, I’ve never been able to make that early morning routine work at this stage of my life. [Read more...]

An Extended Stay: Welcoming You Into My Heart & My Home All Through October

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try something that I’ve been toying with for a few weeks.

I’ve joined a 31-day blogging challenge for the month of October. That means that each and every day this month, a post is going up on one topic. Crazy, right?

Here’s the thing. While it seems like it would be utterly impossible for me to post every day for thir-tee-one-days, I’ve had this nagging feeling that it was something I should do, or at least try. And now I’m kind of excited to share these posts with you.

An extended stay Welcoming you into my heart and my home all through October

I want to use these 31 days as an opportunity for you to see past the Pinterest-ready images and neatly tied up endings of typical blog posts and get a glimpse of who I really am.

Think of this as an extended stay of some sorts. 
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Getting a Solid Herbal Education

By this time of the year, most children have been back in school for about a month. Those of us with children are back in the habit of helping our little scholars with their lessons, regardless of where their schooling takes place.

While the children are busy with their schoolwork, have you ever thought about taking on some of your own? Going back to school and getting a solid herbal education can be a wonderful investment in your family’s health.

Getting a Solid Education

With so many natural living websites, books, and hearsay advice that floats around, it can be hard to discern fact from fable. It seems that there’s plenty of free information floating around on the internet, but there’s no guarantee that the information is proven safe and effective for your family.

Rather than rely on the information and advice you find through a Google search, getting a solid herbal education will provide you with a much more thorough understanding of natural health and herbal remedies. [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Tooth Powder

One of the first major changes I made while switching to a more natural lifestyle was getting rid of the conventional toothpaste I was using and switching to a more natural variety. I found after so long that I began to really like the flavor and texture of those natural pastes over the strangely sweet, foamy, and brightly colored products I’d used for years.

Easy Homemade Tooth Powder

After some time, though, I heard about tooth powders being another option for natural dental care. I admit that I thought it sounded rather strange, but I was still intrigued.

Eventually I gave it a whirl, and after a few years I’ve come up with an easy homemade tooth powder recipe that our family really enjoys. Even better, our dentist is pleased with the results as well!
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Save Money on Homeschooling with the Public Library

Depending on the approach, homeschooling can be not just an investment of time and energy, but a serious financial investment. Books, workbooks, science equipment, math manipulatives and more can quickly add up.

Keeping Homeschool Costs Down by Using the Public Library

It’s not uncommon that a family considers homeschooling, but then decides against it because of the cost. Especially when multiple children are involved, boxed curriculum sets can be extremely cost-prohibitive.

However, I’ve found that I can get a great majority of resources that I need for homeschooling for absolutely nothing from the public library. In fact, the library has actually become the main source of the books we use in our schooling! [Read more...]

How a Crunchy Mom of Many Handles a Day at the Fair

One of the many things you may not know about me is that I was a 4-H girl growing up. I spent ten years of my life raising rabbits, of all critters.

I really did enjoy the 4-H program growing up, and the grand finale of the 4-H year was the county fair. A week was spent sleeping in a camper, tending to animals, patrolling with friends, and scarfing fair food. I loved it.

How a Crunchy Mom of Many Handles a Day at the Fair

I’m not the least bit ashamed to say that my girlhood love for the fair has carried over into my mommy years. Visits to the fair aren’t quite a carefree anymore, though.

My week stay at the fair is no more. Instead, we pick our favorite day and soak in as much of it as we can, then we come home exhausted and wait for it to roll around the next year.

It’s a grand day, but it does take some momma skills to coral five littles and advanced preparations to keep us from living solely on cotton candy and fried Oreos. At the end of the day, with happy and tuckered out children, all the work is well worth it! [Read more...]

10 Common Essential Oil Myths: Have They Fooled You?

Sometimes, as a blogger, there are things that I brood over for quite some time before I finally sit down to write. I want to be sure that I’m not misunderstood and that my heart is also in the right place. Posts on essential oils often fall into that category.

10 Common Essential Oil Myths Have They Fooled You

I truly enjoy using essential oils and am very thankful to have them in my home. But I don’t like all of the myths and misinformation that often float about the internet regarding these natural health tools.

Falling for some of these common essential oil myths can have serious consequences. It’s so crucial to have solid information when turning to essential oils so that no one is hurt, and I hope to share some of that with you today.
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Healthy Living Just Got Easier with the 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

A fantastic opportunity to become more confident in healthy living rolls around about once a year, and that time has come once again! Healthy living can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with the 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, healthy living just got easier. 

I know that so many of you want to make changes to your lifestyle. You don’t know where to start, and it seems easier to keep putting it off. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I love sharing these bundle sales with you because I really feel like they give you the information you need to make those changes, and they give you the biggest bang for your buck. You simply can’t get this many resources and bonuses at such a great price any other way!

Ready to learn more?

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What to Do With Lots of Tomatoes When You Don’t Want to Can

Tomatoes tend to be at a surplus this time of the year. If you garden, if a neighbor does, or if you hit farm markets and stands, you have probably noticed the abundance.

In one way, I love having loads of tomatoes in my kitchen. They are so yummy and flavorful right now! But another part of me can’t help wondering what to do with so many tomatoes.

What to do with lots of tomatoes when you don't want to can

Canning is a great option for getting those ‘maters stored for the year, and typically I do quite a bit of tomato canning. However, it makes my kitchen dreadfully hot. Even more so, I’m finding it harder and harder to devote the time to canning with more children in the home.

Rather than see an abundance of tomatoes go to waste, I try to find other ways to use them or preserve them. If you’re not sure what to do with lots of tomatoes when you don’t want to can, this post is for you!  [Read more...]

The Busy Mom’s Best Helper: Balancing Homemaking, Homeschooling, and More with a Baby in the Boba

I don’t know of any mom with little ones that doesn’t feel busy.  Many littles ones can often make a momma feel extra busy. Many children, while homeschooling and naturally homemaking and more, can make a momma wonder how in the world she’s going to do it all. 

If she’s balancing a baby on her hip while balancing all of those other responsibilities, she might fall over. Or drop something. Hopefully not the baby.

 The Busy Mom's Best Helper Balancing Homemaking, Homeschooling, and More with a Baby in the Boba

Life with baby often means that ordinary tasks seem extra complicated, if not almost impossible. Babies want held, but most life activities require these very special body parts called arms and hands. 

What’s a busy mom to do? Put the baby down and just let the little muffin wail? Certainly there’s a better solution that that!

And there is! Baby wearing, of course!  [Read more...]