Simplifying Christmas Gift-Giving {Yes, It’s Really Okay To Do It}

Gifts and Christmas tend to go hand-in-hand. They’re like toast and butter, cardigans and fall, and me and coffee. It’s hard to have one without the other!

Or is it?

Ever feel like Christmas gift-giving can become a source of stress or concern? Maybe it’s financial concerns, or comparing what your family can do to that of another, or feeling like someone is always being left out.

Simplifying Christmas Gift-Giving {Yes, It's Really Okay To Do It}

Giving is supposed to be a joy and an expression of love.

Though it can be a challenge to keep it that way during the busy Christmas season, I really think there are ways to simplify Christmas gift-giving and keep it in its proper place.

I want to give with a heart of love, joy, and thankfulness. Keeping Christmas gift-giving simple helps me do that. [Read more...]

Smith’s Secret Recipe Kettle Corn

If there’s ever a recipe I’m often requested to make or share, it’s this.

Popcorn. Simple, humble, popcorn. But not just any popcorn.

This popcorn is different, or so says everyone who has ever tasted it. And I concur: it’s really, really good.

Smith's Secret Recipe Kettle Corn

This popcorn is popped on the stovetop in a big heavy-duty stockpot, topped with delightful coconut oil and butter, then sprinkled with my secret (and soon to be unveiled) blend of spice, sweet, and salt. No microwaves allowed!

But trust me. After you try this version, you won’t miss the microwaved kind.

[Read more...]

Need a Simple, Quick Homemade Christmas Gift? Try Spiced Vanilla Sugar!

It’s confession time.

While I love giving homemade natural gifts at Christmas, I’m not the best at actually making them ahead of time. Typically I get to mid-December and realize it’s about time to get something done.

When that happens, I try to think of something that will be special for my family, but quick and simple for me to make.

Spiced Vanilla Sugar: A Quick and Simple Homemade Christmas Gift!

Enter this Spiced Vanilla Sugar. It comes together quickly in an afternoon but is unlike anything you can buy in the stores.

This flavorful sugar features spices that are perfect for the Christmas season but are also easy to find at a typical grocery store. The only specialty item needed is vanilla beans, but the flavor they add makes them worth the extra effort to get! [Read more...]

Simple, Beautiful Holiday Hair {Plus a Style Video & Giveaway Set!}

The holiday season typically means extra outings and gatherings. There are often music programs, family get togethers, and other holiday parties to attend.

I doubt I’m the only lady that likes to look nice when I head out to events like these. Besides figuring out what to wear, I’m often trying to decide what to do with my hair.

Simple, Beautiful Holiday Hair

Winter can also be hard on your hair if you live in the cold areas like I do. All the dry heated indoor air just seems to suck the moisture right out of us!

It doesn’t take much to beat the elements, though. With a few natural and simple treatments, and some beautiful hair accessories, your tresses can really shine when you head out. Be sure to read through to the end of this post to get in on a chance to win just what you need!  [Read more...]

Homemade Herbal Gift Baskets: A Simple Christmas Gift

There’s something special about homemade Christmas gifts. They are usually easier on the budget, but there’s also something so delightfully personal about them.

I’ve been giving homemade gifts for years, but recently have started making these homemade gifts with the heart of sharing something that I love with the people I love. 

Homemade Herbal Gift Baskets, a Simple Christmas Gift

You all know how I love herbs and natural remedies. Eventually I realized that I could share something really personal and unique by giving the gift of herbal goodies at Christmas!

It’s been a fantastic hit. I love making everything for my family, and they look forward to receiving the herbal creations I made. I often recruit little helpers, too, and they enjoy being a part of the process.

Herbal gift baskets are really unique homemade gifts that can be made to suit a whole range of people. I’ve got a great list to help you get started! [Read more...]

Coconut Flour & Almond Butter Cookies, Three Ways {A Versatile and Easy Grain-Free Cookie}

Many of us do special baking for Christmas. Whether you do a cookie exchange or enjoy giving the homemade treats out as gifts, there’s usually a whole lotta baking going on.

I do think it’s fun to make a whole different assortment of Christmas cookies. Chocolate, fruit, nuts, and spices can all combine to make such delightful little morsels!

Coconut Flour Almond Butter Cookies. 3 Ways {A Versatile & Easy Grain-Free Cookie}

But when you need to simplify Christmas, streamlining your holiday baking can be a big help.

One of my favorite ways to streamline and simplify holiday baking is to use one basic dough to make different cookie variations. It doesn’t take much change to a basic recipe to create a whole new cookie flavor!

I recently created a recipe for a basic coconut flour cookie. It’s actually a spin-off of my Coconut Flour Power Cookies with a couple of tweaks. Then, with a few different additions, you end up with three unique cookies!  [Read more...]

12 Days of a Simple Christmas, a Special Series for December

Every time I hear the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” I have to chuckle a little inside. 

Really? Is it?

Often it feels like it’s the crazy-busiest-going-into-debtiest-eating-too-much-junkiest time of the year.

12 Days of a Simple Christmas

I know, I know… that didn’t really sound all that peppy and rosy, did it?

But really, if I’m perfectly honest with you (and I always am), the end of November and the entire month of December can really stress me out.

Of course there is a whole lot to love, like beautiful Christmas hymns and bright Christmas lights. But everyone realizes that with holidays often comes stress, and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming.

That’s why I want to spend some time this December helping you find a simpler approach to Christmas. 

[Read more...]

Black Friday 2014 Steals & Deals From My Favorite Places

Years ago, before Black Friday began a week before Thanksgiving, I used to get up early with my mom, aunt, sister, and brother (poor little fellow!) and go shopping. I remember lining up outside of the JC Penney store to get in at 6am and claim our red and green reindeer antler headband.

Those days, with their 6am start time, classy door prizes, and trekking to the store are long gone! I’m an online Black Friday shopper now.

Chances are, even if you head out to the stores, you’ll do a bit or a lot of online shopping, too. While you’re browsing your favorite sites for the best deals, be sure to check out a few of my favorites!

Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose Black Friday

Hopefully you read my post on Wednesday about the awesome Mystery Hostess party link and coordinating live Facebook party going on today at 2pm Eastern for Lilla Rose. If not, be sure to click over and get the details!

This is the biggest Lilla Rose sale of the year, and all of the limited edition items for 2014 are back! Free shipping, everything on sale, and an awesome selection are going to make this a fantastic weekend for Lilla Rose.

Be sure to put your order through this link to get into the drawing to win free and half-priced products! Once you order, drop me a note via my contact form to give me your name, email, and telling me you ordered to help me follow up if you win.


It’s no shocker that Amazon is pulling out all kinds of stops for Black Friday! If you need a Kindle, now’s the time to grab one.

Vintage Remedies

Finally diving into the Family Herbalist class from Vintage Remedies was one of the best decisions I ever made when it comes to natural health! As soon as I finish this course, I’ll start the final two advance courses, Master Herbalism and Holistic Wellness.

All of the classes are discounted through the weekend, some by over $100!. I can’t recommend starting one enough! I’m convinced that no other school offers such solid information with a Biblical foundation.


You know how I love Fit2B! I’m so thrilled that they have a great sale going on, too!

  • Yearly memberships are just $60! That’s $5 a month!
  • The 2 eCourses are 40% off

Use the case sensitive coupon code “BF14Fit2b40″ when you check out to get in on those huge savings!

Deborah & Co.


I love the beautiful selection of stylish, feminine, and modest clothing from Deborah & Co.The fleece-lined leggings are the best I’ve ever purchased and one of my favorite things from the store.

Don’t miss the Little Deborah section, too. It’s hard to find wholesome toys and clothing for girls, and so I greatly appreciate this line that Deborah & Co. has put out!

Tropical Traditions


Tropical Traditions is offering free shipping on orders of $15 or more, and you can also get a free ceramic coffee mug with your order!

Most orders from Tropical Traditions are heavy and costly to ship. This is a great time to stock up on coconut oil, essential oils, and more!

Bulk Herb Store


Bulk Herb Store is offering everything in their shop at 15% off! Grab some of their yummy herbal teas, supplements, tools, or educational materials at a nice discount.


Vitacost bannerVitacost has a host of healthy foods, supplements, personal care items, and more at great discounts. Spend over $49 and get free shipping, too!

Happy shopping, friends!

Join Me for a Black Friday Lilla Rose Mystery Hostess Online & Facebook Party!

I’m really a pretty big savor-Thanksgiving-before-being-bombarded-with-Christmas person. I love Thanksgiving. It’s a beautiful holiday with so much fantastic history behind it!

But even with that, it’s no secret that most of us are already thinking about Christmas shopping. Black Friday is a phenomenon that seems to get bigger every single year!

Join Me for a Lilla Rose Black Friday Mystery Hostess Online & Facebook Party with Discounts, Prizes, & a Chance to Win Big!

And so, while I don’t want you to skip over special family time for the sake of getting a good deal, I do want to be sure to invite you to a couple of special events I’m hosting!

Lilla Rose has an incredible Black Friday sale lined up. To make things even more exciting for my customers and readers, I’ve planned a Mystery Hostess online party for the weekend, along with a live Facebook event for Friday! There’s no better time to choose beautiful hair jewelry and accessories for yourself and the special ladies on your list than this weekend!  [Read more...]

7 Steps to a Healthier Holidays

It’s highly likely that you’re gearing up for a big Thanksgiving holiday weekend. You might be traveling. You might be hosting family in your home.

Whatever your plans, they are probably very different from your typical routine. 

7 Steps to a Healthier Holidays

Though holidays are often fun and exciting times, they are also often a perfect storm for sickness.

We eat food we typically don’t. We go places we typically don’t. We pack extra activities into our schedules that we typically don’t. Is it any wonder that many families find someone sick around the holidays?

Holidays don’t have to equate sickness, though. Implementing a few extra healthy habits before holiday activities begin, and being careful in a few areas while you’re enjoying the festivities can go a long way in reducing your chances of sickness.

[Read more...]