Family Devotions in 4 Steps

A crucial part of our day is our family devotional time. In our house, we call it Bible Time.

Twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed, we gather the family on the couches for a time of family worship. Of all the things that I need to get done in a day, this is one I do my very best not to miss.

Family Devotions in 4 Steps

It can be easy for families to feel a little overwhelmed with the concept of family worship. We typically think of worship as something done in church, and not at home.

Whether you call it family devotions, family worship, or Bible Time like we do, it’s really a crucial investment into the spiritual health of the family and your children. It also doesn’t have to feel hard, scary, or beyond Dad and Mom’s ability!

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Ode to Dishes: A Fine Piece of Poetry for All Handwashing Homemakers

I’ve written some pretty heart-felt and serious stuff this month, and I’ve enjoyed writing from my heart and from where I am in life right now.

But if I want you to really get to know me during An Extended Stay, friends, you gotta know that I love a good laugh!

Ode to Dishes: A Fine Piece of Poetry for All Handwashing Homemakers

Dry jokes, witty one-liners, and kooky crack-ups are right up my ally. Apparently alliteration is, too.

I also like poetry. I read it often to my little scholars. I love it in hymns.

And every so often, probably after reading Winnie the Pooh (affiliate link), a bit poetry comes to me as it does to the beloved bear.

Pooh likes to share his poetry with friends, so today I’m sharing one with you.  [Read more...]

7 Scriptures to Encourage the Heart of a Weary Mom

I know I’m not the only mom that gets weary. Sometimes, it feels like we have so much to do and there’s just no hope of getting it done.

We get tired. We get down. We get discouraged.

7 Scriptures to Encourage the Heart of a Weary Mom

It’s at those times that centering myself around a Scripture can keep me from losing my composure or harboring resentment in my heart about the demands of motherhood.

I want to share seven Bible verses that help to refresh me when I’m really weary as a mom. I hope that some of these can encourage your heart when you are struggling, too! [Read more...]

Monday Morning Blessings

Happy Monday, friends!

Another week is beginning and I’m none too disappointed. In last week‘s Monday Morning Blessings I made mention of a plumbing problem, and it ended up not being the easy fix we had hoped for. By Wednesday morning, we had no working toilets in the house.

Monday Morning Blessings 4

Thankfully we were able to get it fixed later that day. Then I managed to almost get lost in a large metro park on a nature study trip with all five children on Thursday, and Friday was one big blur of rush as we prepared to leave on a weekend trip.

This week looks quiet, and for that I am so thankful! After all the extra action last week, I am ready for a quiet day and week at home. Now to get it started with some gratitude!  [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Meditations

Revelation 22:14

an extended stay 100x100 buttonThis post is part of the 31-Day series, An Extended Stay, where I invite you into my heart and into my home through the whole month of October.

You can read more 31-Day series by other bloggers in the Family section of the challenge’s website linked up here.

A Look at Our Homeschool Week (Oct 20-24)

Our homeschool week was, um, a bit unconventional this week. In fact, this past week was one of those that made me very thankful for the flexibility of homeschooling!

A look at our homeschool week

Between my hubby being gone the previous weekend to our plumbing going out on Wednesday to almost getting lost in a metro park to packing up and preparing for another weekend trip, our week was really out of the ordinary.

Since I knew I was terribly preoccupied, I opted to not follow our typical homeschool routine. Instead, we focused on work that my children could do more independently.  [Read more...]

What I Really Accomplish When I Can’t Get Anything Done All Day

There’s a phrase that I’m trying to break myself from saying. It tends to seep out of my mouth when I am weary and frustrated that my to do list is the same size in the afternoon as it was in the morning.

“I can’t get anything done today!”

What I Really Accomplish When I Can't Get Anything Done All Day

Inevitably the reason that I feel I can’t get anything done on a given day has to do with the more in-the-trenches jobs of mothering. You know, the kind that leave you really tired and touched out and in need of a quiet room with a soft pillow.

Truly, those days aren’t easy. They can be frustrating. But I’m really trying to remember that on the days when I haven’t gotten anything done, I’ve accomplished some tremendous things. [Read more...]

What Memories Am I Making With Them?

As I wrote yesterday’s post and read through some of the comments that came in, something clicked, and I recognized another way that I can keep this stage of my life in perspective.

I was sharing how the perfect days that I have in my mind really aren’t possible as the mom of young children. I can’t have a Pinterest-perfect home and garden and sew and homeschool and regularly dust and have one-on-one time with my children daily and morning devotional times and regular daily exercise and

Well, you get the point.

What Memories am I making with them

It’s hard to keep things in perspective when there’s so much that I feel like I’m not getting done.

But as I was responding to a comment yesterday, I realized that much of what I desire as a mom comes down to the memories that I want to create with my children.

When they are grown, and their little years have been spent, what do I want them to look back and remember?

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If I Did Everything I Should Do for One Day

Do you remember when I wrote earlier this month about achieving balance? And how my grand secret to keeping so many plates spinning at once is that I actually don’t? And that every single day I have to try to decide what is most important?

I’ll be honest. Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t do so well with that.

If I Did Everything I Should Do for One Day

Outwardly, I kept my composure, and thankfully so! Inwardly, though? I felt like a toddler on the verge of a meltdown. Everywhere I looked I saw reminders of what I wasn’t doing and wasn’t getting done, and I felt tired. Really, really tired.

Once I could get to the end of the day and sort through the day, two things became clear. One: I need to get to bed somewhat earlier. It’s a sad state of affairs when midnight feels like an early bedtime!

Two: I need to constantly refocus the expectations that I have of myself, because if I did everything in one day that I thought I should do, I would need either three of me or three times more hours to the day. [Read more...]

Monday Morning Blessings (on Tuesday)

I know. It’s not Monday.

Yesterday’s super Berkey giveaway post threw off my usual routine for the month of sharing a post of blessings on Monday. Our Tuesday is actually going to be a lot more like a Monday because the weekend we just came out of, so I decided to do Monday Morning Blessings for this week on Tuesday.

Monday Morning Blessings, Week 3

Sharing these blessings never means that everything in our life is perfect. Instead, this is all about refocusing on the many, many blessings that do surround us so that trials can be kept in perspective.

Perspective goes a long way in keeping a grateful heart!
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