Sunday Morning Meditations

The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock

A Look at our Homeschool Week (Oct 13-17)

I won’t lie. This was one of those homeschool weeks that kind of fizzled out by then end, at least in my mind. I do have some highlights to share, and I do have a good reason for lacking a lot of motivation by Thursday.

A look at our homeschool week

Our little Baby C came down with a fever Wednesday night, which meant that mommy was up all through the night hours trying to keep her comfortable. That also means I slept in even later than usual, and well, you know how the day can snowball after that! Repeat that routine for Thursday night, too.

Thankfully, we at least got the core areas of school done. My oldest even took her first Latin test! She was terribly nervous, sweet little lady.
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My 7 Steps to Natural (Part 3 & The Grande Finale)

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about my journey towards natural living.

So far I’ve shared the first three milestones in Wednesday’s post, the second three in yesterday’s, and now today, I share the one final step that’s been crucial in my journey.

My 7 Steps to Natural, Part 3 & the Grand Finale

Why has this step been so crucial? It’s been game-changing, actually.

With this step, I really started to get serious about the health of my family, the whole field of natural health, and even began dreaming a little bit, too. [Read more...]

My 7 Steps to Natural (Part 2)

When I look back on my natural living journey, I can identify some specific milestones that helped me learn more, change more, and take the next steps. Yesterday I shared three of those steps.

Today I have three more steps to share with you. I know, that only adds up to six, right?

Yes, I am a homeschool mom, and I promise I can add. The seventh step is coming on Friday.

My 7 Steps to Natural, Part 2

The three steps I’m talking about today were probably some of the biggest turning points for us. These moments represent more dramatic changes that took place more quickly.

However, they were still steps, albeit larger, one taken after the other.
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My 7 Steps To Natural (Part 1)

It would be really easy to hop on this blog, and no doubt others like it, read some of the posts, and walk away feeling completely inadequate when it comes to natural living. Herbs, essential oils, non-toxic cleaning, whole foods, organic… there’s so much to take in!

Would you be shocked to learn that becoming a more naturally-minded momma has been a process for me, too? Or that it has taken me years to get here? Or that I’m still learning along the journey with you?

My 7 Steps to Natural, part 1

It’s definitely true, friends. I have not arrived to some perfection of NaturaltopiaThere is much that I don’t know and much I want to learn!

I can look back over the last 15 or so years of my life, though, and see specific steps that I took which led me to the more naturally-minded lifestyle I aim to have now. As I’m inviting you to get better acquainted with me in this series, An Extended Stay, I want to share some of these baby steps with you! My guess is that we’ll have some in common. [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Fast & Easy French Twist

For years I thought my hair was too long to do a French twist.

All of the instructions that I’d ever seen left a lot of hair hanging out the top of my twist, and I could never figure out where I was supposed to stuff it all.

Fast & Easy French Twist Video Tutorial

Then one day a friend showed me a genius way to twist all of my long hair up into a French twist. It literally took seconds. I was shocked!

Now? It’s still my favorite way to do a French twist in my long hair, but I also do it this way in my girls’ hair that’s not nearly as long. In fact, it’s become my favorite way to do a French twist in anyone’s hair! [Read more...]

Monday Morning Blessings

Happy Monday morning, friends!

I know, sometimes Monday feels like anything but happy. But all this month, as part of October’s series called An Extended Stay, we’re counting our blessings every Monday morning.

Monday Morning Blessings 2

Even in the middle of trials or wrong-side-of-the-bed mornings, there are certainly things in our lives that can make us feel thankful.

I’m here with ten, and I’d love for you to add to my list again! You might notice that I wrote mine while eating dinner and planning a little sweet treat at the end.

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Sunday Morning Meditations

The Lord is my Shepherd

an extended stay 100x100 buttonThis post is part of the 31-Day series, An Extended Stay, where I invite you into my heart and into my home through the whole month of October.

You can read more 31-Day series by other bloggers in the Family section of the challenge’s website linked up here.

A Look at Our Homeschool Week (Oct 6-10)

I don’t think I ever feel like my weeks drag by while homeschooling. In fact, it doesn’t seem at all like it’s been an entire week of homeschooling since I posted our week-in-review last week!

A look at our homeschool week

Our routine is pretty consistent every week, but the individual projects are different. Nature study was longer on Friday, we finished up a book for our read aloud, and I started back into some of my own studying, too! [Read more...]

To the Heartbroken Woman Walking Through Miscarriage

Every single time a friend, family member, acquaintance, or stranger confesses that she is experiencing a miscarriage, my heart absolutely breaks.

I don’t have to know her to feel for her. I know her pain, or at least a part of it.

To the Heartbroken Woman Walking Through Miscarriage

I want to pull her off to the side of that dark, rocky road and sit down with her while she cries. I want to hear her mourning heart work through the hard feelings of loss and grief. I want to give her a hug, a cup of tea, and a safe place to talk about the loss of her baby and all the dreams she held for that child.

And then, at the right time and when she wants to take a turn to listen, I want to share my heart with her.
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