How Can We Measure Up as Homemakers?

I brought up the hypothetical question of a Homemaker Evaluation Day in the last post. Perhaps it got you thinking.

What if someone were to evaluate you as a homemaker once a year?

How Can We Measure Up as Homemakers

We can all sigh with relief knowing that no one will be coming into our homes with a clipboard, checklist, and notepad. 

But just because no outside observer will ever rate our homemaking, marriage, and mothering skills doesn’t mean that we can’t evaluate ourselves. In fact, I think that taking a step back and comparing our homes with some solid, godly standards can go a long way in helping us improve as homemakers.

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What If There Was a Homemaker Evaluation Day?

What if, once a year, we had a Homemaker Evaluation Day?

On Homemaker Evaluation Day, someone from outside of our home would just watch us for the day. Maybe take some notes, but otherwise be a silent observer who witnesses a very typical day.

Then, what if, a week or so later, we received a written report of our evaluator’s thoughts and suggestions? Areas of strength and constructive criticism for weaknesses would be shared.

Homemaker Evaluation Day

Does the thought of it make you really glad that there’s no such thing as Homemaker Evaluation Day? I don’t think that I’d volunteer to be the first one to undergo the observation, to be completely truthful.

But as we think about becoming better homemakers, we all have to agree that we can never become better in something if we don’t first evaluate where we presently are. So imagine for a moment, what might a Homemaker Evaluation Day reveal?  [Read more...]

Resources to Help You DIY for Your Home & Family

On Monday I posted about becoming better homemakers. We all want to do that, right? Of course! Who wants to be a lousy homemaker? Who wants to be lousy at anything?

I think that a crucial part of homemaking can be in making our homes a beautiful and enjoyable place to be in. But I’ll be totally honest: that’s not something I’ve always succeeded in doing, but I’m trying to do better.

Resources to Help You DIY for Your Home & Family

Why? There aren’t enough hours in the day. With cooking healthy food, cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes, homeschooling, working from home, and oh yes, laundry, I struggle to get to bed early enough – let alone DIY decorating and crafting!

But I love to be creative. I enjoy making things for my home. And my guess is that you feel pretty accomplished when you complete a DIY project for your home or family, too.

So we’ve established that creating a nice atmosphere in our home is important, and while it’s nice to accomplish these things ourselves, DIY projects often take time and a little bit of know-how. That can be the final blow to decor and project dreams.

While I can’t give you more hours in the day (though I can offer encouragement on balance), I can offer an awesome package of resources geared towards helping you find the inspiration and instruction you need to dive into DIY homemaking projects.  [Read more...]

Becoming Better Homemakers: Going Beyond Wishing to Achieving

How many times have you felt like your homemaking skills are lacking?

Maybe it’s organization, or meal planning, or perhaps even connecting with your children or husband?

Becoming Better Homemakers

If my hunch is right, and if I’m a lot like many other homemakers, there have been times when you’ve wanted to be a better homemaker. Haven’t we all wished we could better stay on top of it all?

Of course, if staying on top of it all means to you that you sew your children’s clothing, keep your house dusted, faithfully wash your windows, and tend a weedless garden, you’re clearly already set up for for failure. 

But if you want to realistically improve in what you can realistically accomplish while keeping your home, then you’re in good company. Let’s get better together.  [Read more...]

Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker’s Launch (And a Really Huge Giveaway to Celebrate!)

As homemakers, we can easily get overwhelmed, discouraged, or a little weary with our never ending to do lists. I know that there have been many days when I’ve made it till bedtime, but feel so utterly drained that I wonder how I’ll survive the next day.

Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker eBook Launch & Giveaway

It’s normal to get tired with a job that you never leave and that never ends. But we don’t have to stay discouraged or weary. There is hope in the Lord!

I’m practically giddy and way beyond excited to share something with you today. My hope is that you’ll find it to be perfect for every Christian homemaker who could use a little boost of strength from time to time, and maybe even perfect for you.

It’s called Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker: A Devotional Guide for Your Homemaking Journey. Full disclosure: I’m squealing like a little girl on the inside right now as I tell you about this! [Read more...]

A Soul Check-Up with 2 Peter 1:5-7 (With a Free Printable Set!)

A new year has begun, and with that, new words, resolutions, and goals typically fill our minds. 

I think it’s wonderful to want to see one year improve upon the previous. Growth in any area is encouraging!

A Soul Check-Up with 2 Peter 15-7

One area of life that I never want to neglect when it comes to growth and improvement is my spiritual walk with Jesus. Reaching fitness goals and eating right are great ways to kick in the new year, but nothing is more important than my connection with my Savior!

I want to spend some time this month thinking through ways that we can be more intentional in our Christian walks, even if you’re a busy mom of many like I am. Something big is coming tomorrow that will hopefully help you in that area, but I also have something free to share with you today! [Read more...]

All Because A Baby Was Born

Tomorrow, the world pauses, all because a baby was born.

Prophesies were fulfilled, angels sang in the heavens, and shepherds were exalted, all because a baby was born.

Wise men journeyed, a messenger was sent, and a way prepared, all because a baby was born.

The truth was preached, the hungry were fed, and a corner was turned, all because a baby was born.

The sick were healed, the blind could see, and the dead were raised, all because a baby was born.

The sacrifice was made, the debt was paid, and a bridge was built, all because a baby was born.

The work was finished, sin lost its hold, and I could be saved, all because a baby was born.

God’s love was displayed, a light shined, and hope was renewed, all because a baby was born.

All Because A Baby Was Born

Merry Christmas, dear friends! I pray your Christmas is a special reminder of not just the baby that was born in Bethlehem, but of the saving and redeeming work that baby did when He grew to become the Lamb of God.

12 Days of a Simple Christmas


25 Simple Ways to Make Christmas More Christ-Filled

We hear it so often.

Jesus is the reason for the season!

But how often does that message get drowned out by the busyness of Christmas? I can’t help but think too often.

25 Simple Ways to Make Christmas More Christ-Filled

It can be a real challenge. I’m with you!

That’s why I wanted to make a list of simple ways to make Christmas a more Christ-centered time for all of us. Be sure to share any ideas that you have, too!  [Read more...]

The Hospitality That Your Guests Really Want

Hospitality seems to come naturally to some people. I fear that I am not one of them.

I enjoy having a friend or two over for a visit from time to time, but I’m a bit of a homebody. I like my quiet solitude at this stage of life that’s often filled with noise and busyness. When others are invited into that space, I sometimes get nervous, anxious, or stressed.

The Hospitality That Your Guests Really Want

However, the Lord asks us to be hospitable. It’s a way to show Christian love. And as the wife of a pastor, it’s even more important for me to have a hospitable heart!

God is helping me, though. While it’s been a long process, He has helped me to see that there are really only a few things that guests in our home want.  [Read more...]

Simplifying Christmas Gift-Giving {Yes, It’s Really Okay To Do It}

Gifts and Christmas tend to go hand-in-hand. They’re like toast and butter, cardigans and fall, and me and coffee. It’s hard to have one without the other!

Or is it?

Ever feel like Christmas gift-giving can become a source of stress or concern? Maybe it’s financial concerns, or comparing what your family can do to that of another, or feeling like someone is always being left out.

Simplifying Christmas Gift-Giving {Yes, It's Really Okay To Do It}

Giving is supposed to be a joy and an expression of love.

Though it can be a challenge to keep it that way during the busy Christmas season, I really think there are ways to simplify Christmas gift-giving and keep it in its proper place.

I want to give with a heart of love, joy, and thankfulness. Keeping Christmas gift-giving simple helps me do that. [Read more...]