It’s a Great Time to Start a Lilla Rose Home Business!

It's a great time to start a Lilla Rose home business!

As many of you know, along with staying busy here at home with all of the responsibilities as a wife, mom, homeschooling parent, and part-time blogger, I really enjoy having a home business as a Lilla Rose consultant. It’s been a blessing to my family and me in many ways, and I’m only one year into the journey!

When Lilla Rose has a sale or special going on, I also like to let you, my blog readers, know about it. This week they are offering something really special that may encourage you to consider the opportunity for yourself!

As a new and growing company, Lilla Rose has never offered any incentive to join as a consultant. Generally, ladies get so excited about the products that joining is an obvious choice! However, from now through the rest of July, Lilla Rose is offering free shipping on enrollment kits for new consultants for the first time ever! Depending on where you live and what kind of start-up option you choose, you could be saving up to $20+.

Note: The free shipping special is over, but it’s always a great time to join Lilla Rose!

Why Join Lilla Rose?

It's a great time to start a Lilla Rose home business!

On my Lilla Rose Facebook page, I’m sharing one reason why I love being a Lilla Rose consultant for every day that the free shipping offer is available, giving a total of ten reasons. I’m certain it wouldn’t take me long to think of more, but I think that ten will give everyone a pretty good idea of why I’m so enthused about it. Let me share with you a handful of some of the reasons that I’ll be highlighting there:

  1. Lilla Rose offers flexible income opportunities for my family. I knew that I couldn’t handle the pressure of monthly, quarterly, or even yearly sales requirements on top of everything else I do here at home. What a blessing it was when I learned that there are no minimum sales requirements with Lilla Rose! That leaves me free to do as much or as little with it as I want, while still keeping my family priorities first.
  2. Lilla Rose is a ground-floor company with huge potential for consultants! There are many other great direct sales companies out there, but most of them have hundreds, if not thousands of consultants in every state. Guess what? In the whole nation, Lilla Rose has less than 1,500 consultants. That leaves so much potential for growth for those of us who join the company while it is young! Being part of the company now allows me to be the first person to introduce many ladies to Lilla Rose.
  3. Lilla Rose offers a product that is truly unique. Have you ever seen anything like the Flexi-Clip in stores? Neither have I! There’s absolutely nothing out on the market like it, and because it is patented, no one will be copying it, either. Our other hair jewelry items are also truly one-of-a-kind, high quality, and affordably priced, making the Lilla Rose product line something I can proudly represent.
  4. The Lilla Rose head office works hand in hand with their consultants. I feel so blessed to be a part of a company that really cares about their consultants. I can call them on the phone with questions and talk with someone on staff. When I email, I recognize the name of the person responding to me. They listen to the suggestions of consultants and respond to them. It’s a blessing to feel like such a team with them!
  5. Our team of Lilla Rose consultants is amazingly supportive. I am part of a team of consultants that doesn’t compete against each other, but encourages one another to meet our individual goals. Some of us work Lilla Rose for full-time income, some for supplementary, and some just casually when it fits in their schedule. We have a fantastic private Facebook group where we share ideas, brainstorm, troubleshoot, and even pray for one another. I’ve made some very dear friends through this team!

Questions About Joining Lilla Rose

It's a great time to start a Lilla Rose home business!

Some questions are frequently asked, so I’ll share just a few that you may be wondering about if your interest has been piqued.

  • Are there any fees? No. Other companies require annual fees to run your website, but Lilla Rose does not. The only requirement to remain active is to sell $29 of products in a year. That’s about two clips, and they can be personal orders.
  • Do I have to do home parties? No. You can focus your energies to selling online, at craft and vendor shows, at home parties, or more casually to friends and family. You get to choose how you run your business!
  • What kind of income can I earn? You automatically earn 30% commission on all of your personal sales, and the percentage can get to as high as 45%, depending on a variety of factors. There’s never any minimum sales amount to earn your 30% personal commission.
  • What kit do I choose? There are two kit options to choose from, both very affordable, and both can be combined with the Fast Start option. The Party Kit comes with five clips, sizes mini through large, along with a great set of marketing materials like catalogs and business cards. The Show Kit provides you with various display and marketing materials. The Fast Start option can be added to either kit. This gives you $1,100 worth of products for only $500, and also allows you to start earning special bonuses earlier. When I joined, I chose the Party Kit with the Fast Start option, and it really was the best way for me to go.
  • Can I choose the clips that come in my kit? No, but Lilla Rose purposely chooses some of their most popular styles to go in enrollment kits.

Want to Know More About Joining Lilla Rose?

Leave me a comment, contact me through this blog, visit me on my Lilla Rose Facebook page, or visit my Lilla Rose website where you can read more about becoming a Lilla Rose consultant. I am happy to help however I can and would love to hear from you!

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  1. Erin says

    I signed up as a Lilla Rose Consultant with Kristen shortly after she did and I must say, I have enjoyed every single day of it! Not only do I enjoy Lilla Rose, but I have enjoyed being able to get to know her better, too, all these months! Thank-you, Kristen, for sharing Lilla Rose with me!

    • Kristen says

      Thank you for such kind words, Erin! I’m blessed that we’ve both been able to enjoy the benefits of Lilla Rose together. You are an excellent consultant and a real asset to us all!

  2. says

    I wish they had more non-silver-colored clips! I don’t wear silver. The copper is my favorite but there are only a few copper ones. Bronze-colored would be perfect, but I don’t think they have any darker metals like that.

    • Kristen says

      We do have some in bronze, gold, and black nickel, too, but yes, most are the silver. I don’t wear much silver either, but I noticed that the silver doesn’t show much in a lot of clips because of the bead work and centerpieces.

      Have you tried one before, Rachel?

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