One Busy Mom’s Top 10 Tips for Earning Money from Home

It’s not uncommon that I hear someone remark that they’d like to earn some extra money. I imagine most of us fall into that category!

A couple of years ago I transitioned from being a stay-at-home-mom-who-gets-paid-in-love-and-snuggles to a stay-at-home-mom-who-also-does-work-from-home-for-a-paycheck-with-dollar-signs. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I have learned that there are some things that work, and some that just don’t when working from home.

One Busy Mom's Top 10 Tips for Earning Money from Home

Today I want to share with you ten tips for working from home. Whether you are currently collecting a paycheck with a baby at your feet or are thinking of starting in that direction, I think that some of these will help shed light into the mysterious world of working from home.

I earn money from home in two ways: blogging (though right now it is a rather meager amount) and as a Lilla Rose consultant. The following tips are based on my personal experience in these two fields, but I think that they can be applied to anyone in a work-from-home environment.

Disclosure time: I’m using affiliate links in this post to help generate that meager blogging income. These links don’t cost you a thing but help keep the lights on here. Thanks a bunch!

10 Tips for Working from Home

1. Assess How Much Extra Income You Need

Knowing how much income you need or want will be a key factor in figuring out what a good at-home job might be for you. For instance, if you need a solid $500 a month to pay your rent or for groceries, starting a blog isn’t the way to go. It can take years to earn that through a blog, if you even reach it.

As our children grow (in size and in number) and my husband’s salary remains on a pay-freeze, any extra income we can find is a blessing. For us, though, we don’t strictly rely on my monthly variable income for necessary bills. Instead, my income is used for some extra or unexpected expenses and things that I otherwise couldn’t buy, like my Family Herbalist class.

2. Think About Your Skills, Abilities, and Interests

Ask yourself if you have any special skills or abilities that could be monetized. Love children and don’t have a large houseful yourself? Try in-home childcare. Have a background in music or art? Teach lessons to local homeschool children. Are you a pro at writing and grammar? Offer up editing services to bloggers! Are you crafty or skilled in sewing? Check out Etsy!

Though I didn’t realize it in the beginning, I now see that the Lord is allowing me to use gifts in my life through my work at home. I’ve been able to teach, encourage, be creative, and more through both of my jobs.

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3. Look for Opportunities

Sometimes opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door and you have to go hunt it down. Internet searches, social media, and word of mouth might be avenues to try when looking for income opportunities that you can do from home. Let people know that you are interested in offering up a service!

You may also want to consider the opportunities available through being a sales consultant. I never in a million years thought I would ever do something like that, but when I found the right company that had a product I loved, it made sense for me to join Lilla Rose. I’ve also found this to be one of the most certain ways to generate income from home.

4. Be Realistic

Be realistic about everything. Consider your stage of life, how many children you have and their ages, your husband’s work schedule if married, babysitter availability, your major life priorities, and anything else that would effect how much you are able to realistically do from home.

You don’t want to set yourself up for discouragement. If you have a houseful of young children and no one to help you care for them, you simply won’t be able to put multiple hours a day into a job at home. Keep that in mind so you don’t burn out.

5. Watch Your Home’s Atmosphere

If my children start to bicker more, if I feel disconnected from my husband, or if I feel irritable that I have to homeschool and care for my children when I really want to schedule social media or write one more blog post, then I need to consider how my work from home is influencing our home’s atmosphere.

When the love and harmony in our home and in my heart starts to falter, it is often because I’m letting the work that I want to do from home have too much preeminence in my mind. I need to backtrack, regroup, and get my priorities straight.


6. Keep Your Priorities Straight

Speaking of priorities, it is so important to remind ourselves what God has called us to do! At this stage of my life, I’m not called to run a full-time blogging business or have multiple Lilla Rose activities going on each week. I simply can’t do that!

It does take effort and discipline, but it is so important to keep those first things first. For me, that means time with the Lord, caring for and homeschooling my children, keeping the home in order and running, making meals, and being there for my husband. I do fail sometimes, and so I have to seek the Lord for His guidance and correction.

7. Aim to Keep “Business Hours”

Multi-tasking is such a killer for me! Anytime I try to do business things while also trying to homeschool the children, it all fails. I’ve realized that I have to focus on my business activities separately from other tasks.

I don’t keep set business hours (I don’t think much can be consistently set when you have a baby and a toddler!), but if you are able to, that can be a real benefit. It can also help you keep your priorities in the right place, as mentioned above. I try to restrict my business time until the hours when school is finished, home jobs are done, and meals are in the works.

8. Include Your Children When Possible

While my children can’t help me much with blogging now, I love that they can with my Lilla Rose business! They help me unpack clips, apply stickers to my business cards and print information, and do other simple jobs. My daughter even comes with me to the occasional event out of the home!

When my children can work with me, my home business becomes something that is more than just my job. It becomes a bonding activity that is building memories in our family.


9. Reassess with Your Husband

If you are married, I feel that it is so important to talk with your husband regularly about how you are both feeling about your work from home. You might want to set goals together, evaluate how the home life is holding up, see if there are changes to be made, and make sure you are both on the same page.

I also think it is normal for one of you to feel some hesitation or doubts from time to time while working from home. Take some time to pray together and keep talking until you both feel secure in the direction you’re going.

10. Pray for Wisdom and God’s Blessings on Your Efforts

By far, my top tip for working from home is to pray for wisdom and God’s blessings on your efforts. While consistent effort is crucial, in the end, God determines how a business will grow.

I pray before Lilla Rose events. I pray during ebook sales. I pray while trying to reach a goal. I pray about my businesses during down times or when I’m confused. I want to hold these jobs in an open hand and ask the Lord to do with them what He knows to be best. Then, I have to trust Him.

A Great Home Business for Busy Moms

As I mentioned, I’ve really come to believe that one of the best ways to earn money from home is by being a consultant for a company that you really love. For me, that’s Lilla Rose.

I knew I couldn’t be a part of Lilla Rose if I had to sell a certain amount every month, sell mediocre products, or work with a company that wasn’t there to help when I needed them. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, and it’s made a Lilla Rose business a great fit for this busy mom.

I love this video from the president and founder of Lilla Rose. It really showcases how this company is so different from many others, making it a perfect fit for me.

You can also read all about why I love being a Lilla Rose consultant in this post from last year. Some highlights?

  • A free website
  • No minimum monthly or quarterly sales requirements
  • No annual fees
  • Fantastic support
  • New friends, and more!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or check out my Lilla Rose website for more information and to get started. I’ll be right there to help every step of the way!

Have you ever wanted to work from home? If you do, or if you have, what tips would you add?

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  1. Wonderful article, Kristen. Even though we are empty nesters, working and living in our business is a challenge to keep from burning out. Keeping “work hours” does help although at times it seems impossible. A daily “to do list” not only keeps me on track but I find I get much more accomplished and when I finish I feel like I can relax. I’ve passed your blog to some of my busy stay at home momma friends.

    • Kristen says:

      To do lists save my sanity, Kathy! That’s a great addition. And you are so right about business hours. It can be a real challenge when your work and home blend.

      You’re so kind for passing along this little space on the web to your friends. If they stop by I hope they are blessed!

  2. Great tips Kristen!
    I homeschool my children and teach at a co-op, so I really needed to find something I could do from home instead of having to go out to a job. So now I have a little home business! I also love the fact that the company I work for offers products that are safe for my kids!

    I also feel that I’m setting an example for my daughter in particular and hope that someday she will either join me in my business or start one of her own.

    • Kristen says:

      Sounds like you’ve found a great fit for you, Lori! My husband and I have talked about the same thing regarding our children. He loves that they are seeing the options that moms still have even when they are staying home with their children.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation!

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